Monday, October 20, 2014

A Post Card from Home

Greetings from Cabin Spring Farm, wish you were here.  From the lack of blogging lately, everyone probably thinks I have been away.  I haven't.  I have been Very busy, which is why, I wish you were here.

 Finished the dyeing project and presentation.  It came out good.  Now, I want to dye more from the dye baths that I saved in jars in the fiber studio.

 I made the geese's pond bigger and hauled away the fill.  I have not gotten back to the cob building to raise the water level because the weather hasn't been inviting for squishing.  I think I need to get Karen over here. 

I have had five people visit to check out the farm, fiber production and studio in the past week.  I alway enjoy visitors who are farm and fiber enthusiasts.  We have also had people in the cabin the past 2 weekends and expect to have this weekend.  One of our visitors was a teenage boy who helped me move the sheep.  It is always refreshing to have young people enthusiastic about farm animals.

I have had more time to get back in the fiber studio and these are the views out my windows.  I wish everyone had views like this from their place of work.

I think most of these photos would make excellent post cards.

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  1. I'd be glad to massage mud with my feet with you but only on a warm day. I'm a big baby about the cold these days. Too bad the geese can't help. They looked like they wanted to the other day.