Saturday, July 12, 2014

They Are Getting Bigger

Sometimes when I am waiting for someone to blog, I read old entries and see how things have changed.  I hope anyone out there waiting over a week for me to blog does the same.  Many times I read my blog of a year ago near this date just to see what I was up to.  Last year, I was struggling to get to the barn with a broken ankle.

Cirrus and Sal have grown SO much so we built them an elaborate set up.

They love to practice flapping their wings.

The only problem was that Sal escaped twice the first day.  We thought she was flying over but then I thought maybe she was squeezing through a square in the gate so I put some smaller fencing over the gate and she hasn't been out since.

It is great that we don't have to move the pen every day like we were before we built the play yard.

They haven't gone in the boat pond yet

but they love to hang out in the little tub.

So far they have been going in their pen at night, bribed with grain.  I hope they will continue a little longer before I have to except the fact that I won't be able to protect them forever and they are going to have to take care of each other.  They are such a sweet pair of geese.

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  1. I like your blogs about your geese. That's one nice goose tractor they have. My chicks are closed in the goat barn and I can't get the nerve up to let them outside, for fear something will get them. I hope Cirrus and Sal live to an old age.