Friday, July 11, 2014

A Peaceful Summer Morning

It is often foggy when we wake up.  Sometimes up to the front porch but this morning was just partly foggy.  The chicory greeted me as I walked out the door.

 The Mullein appear to be on guard in the dyer's garden.  They  are some of my favorites.

A lovely delicate Queen Anne's Lace
 and the gift the hungry birds of winter planted for us.

Then out to the barn and pasture.

by way of the cabin which somehow did not appear to be hiding in the fog.

Peaceful Foggy Mornings are such a treat.

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  1. nice pictures Susan. I am catching up on your blogs. I see you are slowing down. But not matter. You are doing it and that is what counts. I love reading your blogs even if I don't do it for a while and then catch up. I guess that way I am not waiting for a new blog. :) Talk soon