Saturday, July 19, 2014

If Life Gives You Cucumbers.....

"When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade" is a phrase everyone has heard.  In the past week, 3 people have given me cukes, and each, at least 3.  So today, I made bread and butter pickles.  Charlie brought me more today, so I gave him a jar of pickles.  Why do I grow cucumbers?  Actually, I planted late so I don't have any yet.

It hasn't been raining much lately and I don't like to water the vegetable garden.  There isn't alot of water pressure and it takes awhile and I have animal chores in the morning and I am too tired at night and......
So, I have been thinking the last few days, that I should plant veggies in the compost pile where they never seem to need watering and plant something else in the vegetable garden.  I keep coming up with different ideas of what I should plant; it has to be something that doesn't need much watering- or maybe just much mulch.

I think the key is to plant something this fall when the beds are empty and it rains more and then when next spring comes I won't think I have to plant a bunch of vegetable seeds because there won't be any room.  Then, I can throw the seed in the compost pile.

We have 2 farmer's markets, 2 organic health food stores, a farm to you store, and a few CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) farms in our county, why do I need to plant a vegetable garden?  Just because I have for the last 42 years, it doesn't mean I have to next year.

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men......


  1. Hey wait, are you not a farmer. Farmers always grow vegetables. Maybe not sheep farmers. And geese and chicken farmers.

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