Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garden Dream

The night I blogged about "why do I plant a veggie garden?", I dreamt I was leading a garden group (kids and adults).  It was the 1st day and I was expecting an intimate group of 9 and found myself before 15-20 students.  We did all the exercises about "What is a Garden?" like,
    close your eyes and think about a garden-- what do you see?
    notice as you walk along what vegetation combinations please you.
    get down on the ground and look at an 8"X10" plot-- what does it look like?

What I remember most about the dream, was how excited I was to introduce these people to gardening.

Once, when I was doing a holodynamic tracking, I was tracking - why I had a disconnect with my veggie garden in MA.  Turns out it was about not being grounded.  Hanging out with the animals and spinning wool are two activities that help me get grounded these days.

I think EVERYONE should have a garden or gardens.  I recently overheard a young boy proudly telling some people about his garden.  His favorite crop was his pumpkins and they were already, by his hand gesture, bigger than a basketball.  It was only the end of June, but it turned out he was talking about the leaves.  Anyway, he was very excited about his garden.

I have thought about making gardens for the sheep.  I started a hedgerow, but they ate most of it.  I realize that is what gardens are for but they need to be sustaining too.  That was back when I was using fences the sheep did not respect.  I guess I should try again with different fencing or protection.

Cooler weather is coming soon,  I should make a plan or have a dream about sheep gardens and explore what kind of gardens I should have.

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