Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Pictures- January 29th

It snowed last night; that beautiful fluffy powder, that when followed by a brisk sunny morning, brings peace and joy to the heart no matter what.

Memories from my favorite summer spot, where it is never too warm, flooded in.

The hydrant below is suppose to be frost proof but no need to test it at 11 degrees.

The sheep were just hanging out around the barn so I invited them to come get some exercise.

We went higher in the pasture and what a site; my new favorite picture of Cabin Spring Farm.

And then they all came running!

And they passed me and ran down and around......

And back again.

Gretta had just finished one of her high ballerina jumps and I ask her to do it again and she just looked at me like, WHAT?

The big girls came over for scratches but then got so close that all the pictures were taken without focusing and the only one that came out was of Mira's fleece.  She likes to put her nose on the camera, too bad that one didn't come out.

It is now up to a balmy 23 degrees F at 3:30 but it is headed to single digits again tonight so maybe the snow will last another day.  The brightness is so welcome after a gloomy, overcast day yesterday.


  1. Love your new favorite photo.... So beautiful!

  2. Hi Sue, I WANT the photo you took on the hill looking down at the farm. It is unreal!!
    I'll be patiently waiting.....I laughed at the stampede coming toward you....sheep are funny....xocath p.s please send the photo to me before Jen. (haha)