Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life Is About Sickness and Dying Too

I am writing a book.  Actually, it is being written through me.  I was asked several years ago by "someone" coming to me in my thoughts.  I said no a few times but then finally agreed.  When I write, I go to a place in my inner self and listen and then just start writing. Each session is never about what I think it will be, and if I think too much, I am not connected. 

 I don't go there as often as I would like.  It is an amazingly special place with wonderful people who have taught me so much.  

This past week has been very difficult; Cher the llama suddenly became ill and is most likely dying.  The vet did not think she would make it through that first night but she has made it through many.  We have done what we know to do for her and now we just check in and wait.  I haven't told many people because I don't want questions and contact at this time.  I am blessed to have the loving support I need.  I didn't want to write until this episode in the life at Cabin Spring Farm had passed but, I feel this morning, it is time to share the sad news with friends and family.  Please though, don't call,  I can't answer the questions yet and I know we will feel your love.  

This morning as I thought about how to write this, a passage in the book came to mind.  It is just into the book, at Peter's burial, when Rosie, the little girl tell the story, is remembering her uncle Peter and the things he used to tell her.
       And when I went to bed he would come in and say,

“Rosie, life is about good trout dinners and lookin at the stars or long hikes in the mountains or tricking Sarah or  climbing trees or good friends”... or whatever had happened that day and then he would always end by saying “Life is what it is suppose to be.”  Even if something sad had happened he would add that too cause life is about happy and sad.   So I just thought Peter dying was a part of the sad part.    from  The Sweater  through me

I will post again when I can, and write about what I have been thinking and what I have learned.  Much of it is about patience and timing and strengthening self.

The sheep were initially very spooked with all going on but they have calmed to their usual  guarded behavior now.  

"Life is what it is suppose to be."