Friday, May 31, 2013

The Last and the First

The last day of May and it feels like the first day of summer.  We went over to see Lyndy and came home late.  It is a beautiful starry night, so I went out front and there were as many lightning bugs (fire flies) as there were stars.  Don't remember ever seeing so many.

It seems like it has been May for a long time.  So many things going on I guess.  Today, was the last day of Boxerwood education programs for this year.  I taught frogs and turtles.  I took three groups of 3rd graders down to the ponds and I have never heard so many frogs all at once - mating season for Green Frogs.  It was a whole orchestra.

There are many Painted Turtles at Boxerwoods, as well, but today I saw my first snapping turtle there.  It was HUGE.

The sheep have been feeling a bit warm the last couple of days so I put their fan on for them in the barn.  They have been laying low for much of the day so I imagine they will be out grazing for much of the night.  I wonder if they will notice all the fire flies.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing - it seems like there are more lightning bugs this year. I love to see them. Last night I sat out in the field and watched the show.