Friday, May 24, 2013

Effinger and Clementine

Effinger and Clementine came to live at the farm.

Alyssa, a good friend from New England, came to visit last weekend.  We entertained her well.  I let her help with hoof trimming and we took her to the Effinger Carnival.  Alyssa and I both were able to get a ping pong ball in a fishbowl after a few attempts.  We were presented with two fish which we named Effinger and Clementine.  They went to live in the trough with the salamander and we think we saw Gold 1 or 2.

Alyssa did a great job calming and loving the sheep while I trimmed hooves.

It is interesting to see the different attitudes and general composures of my first time volunteers.

I have to say I would rate Alyssa up there with the best.

It is so great to see how much joy the sheep and Cher bring to so many people.

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