Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Sheep?

It occurred to me that I have not posted a picture of the sheep since they were sheared almost 2 weeks ago.  Just before they are sheared  they are more similar in color because of sun bleaching but when they get sheared they are much darker and you can see Gretta's spots though she is not in this picture.

What's funny is that they don't recognize each other for a day or so, as I have mentioned before, and do alot of head butting until they get it all figured out.  When we let the first couple back into the barnyard, Cher took off running in the opposite direction.  She wouldn't go near the sheep for probably 2 days.  Now, you can see, she is quite comfortable.

This time of year I get so busy, planning the shearing event, that my hair gets very long too.  I finally got 2+ inches cut and I look quite different myself.  Funny thing is, John noticed right away and the sheep didn't seem to notice at all.  If I wear something new or carry something they don't recognize, they are a bit leery, but the dramatic new do and they didn't blink.

One of my brothers and a nephew are visiting for a few days and my nephew has kindly agreed to help with hove trimming- as long as he gets his picture taken with them.

My business adviser said, when people stay in the cabin, I should let them help with hove trimming and charge extra.  Since Aaron is family, I will let him help for free.

It will be interesting to see if the sheep are easier to tip with 6 to 8 pounds of fleece off.  Maybe it will be like shearing new (smaller) sheep.

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