Monday, May 13, 2013

I Will Never Take Walking for Granted

This morning, in the shower, my knee hurt and lately my left foot has been hurting.  When my mobility is compromised, I think to myself, "what if this wasn't just temporary".

Especially lately, there has been alot of reference to amputees, due to the Boston Marathon bombing.
With all I do, I can't imagine not being able to walk wherever I want, whenever I want.

About 90 percent of all the walking I do is on uneven grade.  There is almost nowhere on this property that is level.  When I walk with friends, lots of ups and downs.  And on Mother's Day yesterday, we hiked up a trail along a cascading waterfall.  Nothing could have been better.

I tiered my vegetable garden last year and I am very happy about that, but to get to it, is some of the worse terrain.  I have to walk across a slope (much worse than up or down).  The sheep and Cher walk across the slope all the time- good thing they have 4 legs.  At least I think that would help.  Occasionally, one of the sheep will be limping and I take a look and move the injured foot around.  I wonder what the problem is, but probably it is just from walking on uneven terrain.  It never lasts more than a couple of days.

When I first moved here, it was the worst.  I thought maybe all my shoes were worn out and started replacing them one pair at a time.  Over time my feet and legs have gotten used to the unevenness, and my muscles compensate, but still sometimes, like lately, I am sore.

I think it might be better if I walked barefooted but that has its own problems.  I think the bestests might be making myself some felt shoes.  I shall try that soon.

Today, I went to the library-  level.  I parked across the street by the Methodist Church and read a sign that said if you are tired, rest in our rocking chairs.  I almost took them up on that.  Then I went to the grocery store- the worst.  The parking lot is So bad that it is hard to hold onto your cart and put groceries into the car.  There are a few parking spots that are a little more level but, I never think about it when I park.

All in all, I guess walking on uneven terrain will help me "never take walking for granted".

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