Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Beat the Snow

Another late season snow arrived this morning and it is still snowing and expected to snow through the night.  Up to 5" so far BUT no snow in the Fiber shed because...

We got the roof on yesterday!  And we got the windows in.  No door yet but it is not a blowing snow so it will be O.K.

Too soon to say if Fiber Camp will happen tomorrow but it doesn't look promising.  Maybe I will sit and spin alone.  Good thing to do on snowy days.

We were running out of hay so we got a little more after we finished the roof.  What a day.  And now we are back to extra feedings.

The good thing about all this precipitation being snow is the free nitrogen it brings.  It is suppose to get a little warmer at the end of the week so the grass should take off.

I love snow but I hope this one disappears as fast as the last one did.  And I hope there is not as much tree damage and loss of power.  At least the temperature is suppose to drop tonight so the snow won't be as heavy.

Happy Spring

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