Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early Spring Fever

I have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning in the pastures between rains and it isn't even officially Spring yet.

My main objective this Spring is continued pasture restoration.  I have been reading two technical books with a fair amount soil science in them.  I find it very interesting BUT a lot to retain.  Also, many different theories.  I am determined and plugging away and when the weather is right I do prep work.

  A couple of days ago when the manure pile wasn't too wet I was screening compost and spreading it thinly where I will be planting grass seed.  The first wheelbarrow load I did alone but then the chickens decided to help.  It was fun having them working along side me and after watching me do one load they knew just what to do.

I would screen the compost and dump it into small piles and they would spread it out for me.  No one could have told which area I did and which they did.  It was amazing-- and they didn't even ask for money.  Only problem was, like kids working on a project, they got bored quickly and took off.

I raked up two wheelbarrow loads of waste hay and picked up two trailer loads of branches and tossed it all along the hedgerow.  I can't wait to see how the hedgerow looks this year when everything starts leafing out.

John, had a birthday the other day and I bought him: chicken cards from his favorite local artist, a birthday card from another local artist, a wooden butter knife from yet another local artist, and for desert, some wonderful local gelato.  They say, you should know where your food comes from and some say, you should know where your wool comes from.  I say, you should know where your birthday presents come from.  Oh, and I bought him the rake; the one I used to rake up the hay.  It came from the local farmers coop but it probably originally came from China... oh well, everything in moderation.

John, has been very busy working on the Fiber Shed, but that is the subject of another blog, stay tuned.

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