Friday, March 22, 2013

Moving Right Along

The shed is coming along quickly in-spite of the cold and rain and wind.  Maybe because of the extra help John has been getting.

I have been cutting purlins and drilling roof panels.  I am getting more comfortable on the staging and the roof purlins.  Nice view from up there.

After helping me the other day, the chickens decided they better come up and see if John wanted their help.

I just love the shadows in this picture.  This Fiber Shed is going to be amazing!

Monday is Spring Break for Lexington schools so I am having Fiber Camp for 5 students.  That is if it doesn't snow 3"- 6".  That is a possibility in the forecast but maybe it will rain instead.  If all goes well tomorrow, we may get 1/2 of the roof on.  That would help.

The cabin's heat and water is off- waiting for warmer  weather and the shed isn't ready for campers yet, so guess we will have to have camp at the house if it is cold.  Oh well, we will get there.

I went to Polyface Farm today.  Very famous farm 25 miles from here.  Hoop houses full of baby chicks, laying hens, and pigs and piglets.  Interesting but very labor intensive.  I got tired just thinking about it.  Lucky for them, they have made a name for themselves so 200 apply for 8 apprentice positions.  

They are able to graze their cattle on pasture for all but 40 days of the year.  They only have to feed them hay for 40 days.  That would be nice.  The pastures here are greening up but still a couple of weeks to go before we won't need hay anymore.

Figured out what I need to order from Premier Fencing to improve my rotational grazing.  It is funny, the other evening I picked up the new catalogue, that just happen to coming in the mail when I told myself I NEED TO ORDER FENCING SUPPLIES, and I was overwhelmed.  This morning, first thing, I picked it up again, and it was very clear what I needed to order.  I learned a good lesson.  If you are tired after a long day of working on the farm don't pick up something that will make you have to think.

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