Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treat

Living way out where we do, we seldom have trick-or-treaters, unless the kids from across the pasture come.  I really miss it, but I guess it is better than the other extreme.  All the stories you hear about people having thousands of kids come by on Halloween, is unbelievable.

Regardless of who comes up the drive, I can alway count on  my special trick-or-treaters.  They come in a tricky way; in an envelope.  This year they were dressed, appropriately, as a pirate and a shark and their pictures have once again been placed in our esteemed gallery.

At least I can go downtown on Halloween and watch the parade of all common and bizarre costumes.  The kids who came the other day to the NO SCHOOL FALL FIBER DAY part 2, told me they were a haunted house, a platypus, a princess with a special name I can't remember, and I forget the other 2.

I was thinking today, that I might have some kind of special event here next year on Halloween.  I have almost a year to plan and if anyone wants to help with the plans that would be wonderful.

What's wonderful now is looking at the pictures of a spooky shark and a scary pirate.

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