Friday, November 16, 2012

9 Sheep and a llama (and 3 chickens)

All seems quiet on the farm this week.  Cher has settled in and is getting used to gates, the sheep are loving the cool weather and playing sports, and the chickens are doing their thing.

Cher has found some favorite places -- some that were also Beau's favorite.  She doesn't seem to understand why there are so many gates and why sometimes they are open and sometimes closed.  Rotational grazing is probably not a llama's idea of a good thing but it is really important for good health so she will have to get used to it.

The sheep are running sprints and head butting in the cool weather.  I wonder if they have a TV hidden in the barn somewhere and have been watching football.

The chickens have been too quiet.  I have been wanting to find if they are laying eggs somewhere we don't know about, so I listen for the proud cackle, that some say means they have laid an egg, but I haven't heard anything from them lately.  They just hang out by themselves and scratch around.  Maybe it is too cool to lay, or is it a light thing, I forget.  Anyway, today I bought eggs at the grocery store.  Maybe I should put a couple in the nesting boxes.

The pastures still have grazing and foraging but soon it will be time to buy supplemental hay for the winter.  Maybe it is so quiet because winter is just around the corner.    

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