Thursday, November 29, 2012


 333 posted blogs, with this one, WOW.  What started as a chronicle of farm life at Cabin Spring Farm, has been read or followed, by a few readers from all over the world.  Amazing.

 With all that is going on in this world, this week people from Russia, Latvia, France, Germany, Poland, Australia, China, Indonesia, and Pakistan have ended up at Cabin Spring Farm for whatever reason.  Many end up here because of a keyword used in a search, but I like to believe some follow the life of the 9 sheep, llama, and 3 chickens that live here.  I would love to know who our friends and family are, but other than the 21 who have registered as followers, I just know what countries and areas of the United States, people are from.  That's O.K., humans are just curious, I think.

The excitement of this week is, that I sent out an email to my local fiber enthusiasts asking if anyone wanted to hug sheep this week while I trimmed hooves, and 4 responded positively.

Karen came over yesterday and another friend stopped by.  We trimmed 16 hooves.  What a wonderful feeling, especially since the ones we did are the heaviest.  A little stressful for the sheep but they forgive me quickly and life goes on.  Karen kisses them while I trim so the only stressful part is the initial anticipation.  Maybe hypnosis would be good.

Another highlight, was a visit Tuesday from a friend of a friend and her sister visiting from Vermont.  The visiting sister is a needle felter who was in need of some fleece for a project she is working on.  She is needle felting a submarine and needed some yellow fiber among other things.  Anyway, it is always interesting to have people visit.

It is another beautiful day on the farm and I have to give the sheep their full moon garlic so maybe I will take some pictures.  I think more photos is what I will try to bring to the next 333 blogs.

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  1. Can you believe you've been blogging since 2009? It's hard to believe, isn't it? I'm glad you're still blogging.

    I'm also glad to live close enough that I can visit Cabin Spring Farm in person.