Friday, November 9, 2012


Without sheep again for two days.

When we booked this lovely cottage by the ocean, it was September and fine weather.  How were we to know that a hurricane and a nor'easter were planning to be in DE at the same time?  Actually, Sandy was here one week before we came, but we shared the time with Athena.  John stayed home with the sheep and chickens while I went off to meet my sisters for a few days get together.

I was really excited about the cottage I was able to find for us; two bedrooms, closed in porch, full kitchen,  wood stove.  We were told there was no heat but that didn't matter to me since there was a wood stove, which I pictured to be similar to ours (it was, minus the catalytic converter).  I began to worry when Sandy made her visit before ours, but then I got the word from the owner of the cottage that all was fine.

The convening date was to coincide with election day, with a split in opinion (amongst sisters) of who would be the best choice for President for the next four years.  All voted before meeting up and then the time came.

John had reminded me that it was going to take a bit to heat up the cottage furnishings before we would begin to feel real warmth.  We arrived at the cottage, just after dark, with not too much trouble but as we turned off the key in the van, I wondered when we would next feel warm.

The fire was started, the pizza delivered, the TV turned on to the election results, and then things started to heat up.  Unfortunately, the cottage was still cold.

The rain and wind started to pick up as we finally crawled between cool sheets. Sleeping was warm enough but our cozy little cottage was not quite cozy when we woke the next morning.  I thought about the sheep and how even they would not like the day we were heading into.  The rain was on and off throughout the day but the wind did not subside and the water rose.  By evening, there were a few comments suggesting that it seemed a little warmer.   We four were together and some were celebrating a presidential victory so what did the weather matter?

After a better nights sleep, we woke up to blue sky, diminished wind, and a definite feeling that we would be comfortably warm again.

The best day for last but I always enjoy the dramatic days like yesterday at the ocean (as long as they only last for a day, or maybe two at a time).

But now it is time to sleep so we can get an early start home tomorrow to our "home sweet homes" that are warm and in my case have sheep.

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  1. I'm not so envious of your vacation. The weather sounds dreadful to me. I'm sure you all had fun though. I hope the election didn't cause any hard feelings between sisters.

    Call when you get home and we'll make plans to get together.