Monday, July 30, 2012


I guess it is time to make a new blog entry in case there are some out there who are getting dizzy looking upside down.  But before I leave the subject, John and I went on a picnic at one of our favorite spots, Goshen pass, where a river cuts through the mountains, and I tried it there.  I looked upside down between my legs and saw some people -- tiny, attached to the earth by their feet leaning into space.  STAY GROUNDED AND FLY, that is my new moto.

It is funny, I don't like big planes but I would love to fly myself -- maybe holding on to the tip of an eagles wing.  Several years ago, I went to a Holodynamic conference and we sat in small circles and intuited the strengths, one by one, of the four or five in our group, a very short time after first meeting.  It kind of "blew me away".  I still have the little scrap of paper with the attributes the others saw in me and I read it from time to time.  The last thing on the list was the word flying.

I have often wondered, how can I fly? what does it mean?  But I think she was right and her (a girl in my circle) saying that word about me has empowered me, I think.  Courage, was not on that list, and I have never really thought about hang gliding or parasailing.  So if I want to fly I may have to do it with my feet on the ground.

One of the chickens who lives here, can't fly.  She paces when the others go over the fence.  Most of the time, she knows where to be when, so she can get in or out.  I wonder what she thinks about not being able to fly, at least physically.  And what about the sheep?  Do they ever watch a bird overhead and wonder what it would be like to fly?

A good friend of mine has dreams about flying, frequently.  I have always envied her that.  I guess for me, it has to be thinking about what it would feel like and finding other ways to experience those feelings.  At least for now.

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  1. Susan, I love to hear about your farm life and your prespectives. Always upbeat, always incouraging.