Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Shortest Distance is Not Always the Best Route

The last time the sheep rotated pastures, I didn't close the previous one because the lower pasture that is the current grazing pasture is not available at night or in the early hours of the day.  This is because I still don't feel like it is a real secure pasture.

The last few days, I have been reconfiguring the interior pastures.  I am making the two upper pastures in to four.  When I go out in the morning and the sheep are in the lower upper pasture, I like to open the gate so that they can go down to the lower pasture to graze.  The problem is the opening in the electric fence between the barnyard and the lower upper pasture is up the fence a bit, not down in the bottom corner, because of a ditch and uneven terrain.  Sometimes, I have to get the sheep to go uphill to go downhill.  It works if all are coming to the barnyard to meet me but if a few linger grazing and I take the others down to the gate, the stragglers want to go down to the corner where there is not an opening. They want to go in a straight line which is the shortest distance but alas there is fence when they get to the bottom.

I remember when I first put the fence up and I went down to the barnyard after dark. I called the sheep without thinking (or thinking as a human).  Mira came running and ran right through the electric fence, tearing it down.  It was the shortest route to my voice.

I wish I could find any route, except the shortest, to fixing the Cabin Spring Farm website.  The shortest  would be to have my nephew totally fix it, but that would make me dependent on him again.  He has a life and is not local so that is no longer a good option.

A friend reminds me, that even when you do get things working on the computer, things change and there is more to learn.  That is true, but I really feel, if I want to promote Cabin Spring Farm and have people find us, I do need to rely on the internet (not everyone reads flyers on bulletin boards any more).

I think next week I will find an answer to my "website woes" and I will be able to get back to fences and gates; somethings that you can see where they are and where they are going (as long as you are not a sheep).

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