Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caught in the Act

I used to think it was deer that ate the peaches off the tree, then someone told me that deer eat them off the ground and it is squirrels that nock them off the tree.  I felt so bad that I was blaming the wrong animals.  Well, a couple of days ago I found the real culprit.  Click on the photo above to see who it is.

The rabbits have been so good about eating the grass and not bothering the veggies here and there or the roses but I didn't know they were eating the peaches.  At least he didn't go from one to another- he filled up on the same one.  I have been waiting for weeks for the peaches to get ripe.  They get bigger and bigger but just don't seem to get soft.  And now, they are getting so heavy that the limbs are hanging low.

I think this rabbit has been hanging out with Gretta, our ballerina.  It has the same keen balance on its hind legs.  Gretta, goes for locus limbs and sometimes holds them down for the other sheep to eat.

 It has been raining again!  It was SO dry and hot for way too long.  When that happened everyone got into a schedule of what to do for themselves and the animals to survive and  I  finally feel like I am somehow in sync with the universe and get ideas of what to do, when.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the rains softening the sheep's hooves and my great nephew-in-law being here, and the two of us trimmed hooves on two sheep that were missed the last time around.  He was a natural and now he can go back to Utah and tell his friends he knows how to wrestle a sheep and trim hooves.  My great niece has the pictures to prove it.

This morning I sowed chicory seed in one of the pastures for extended fall forage.  Our forecast is for 10 days of scattered showers.  Better that Mother Nature water the seed in than me.  What a relief to have rain again.  Now if it would cool off a little more.

Speaking of Getting Caught in the Act, if anyone has gone to the Cabin Spring Farm website lately, they have seen that I blew up the website and have not yet figured out how to put it back together.  Since Cal put it up in the first place, I called him and he retrieved the content and is letting me try to rebuild it.  Not my strength for sure but I need to figure this out.  I wouldn't mind a little help from my friends,  along the way, though.  Even just a little encouragement would be appreciated.


  1. The squirrels have eaten all our peaches and I don't know what ate our apples. We have rabbits in the garden. Does this make you feel better? Probably not.

    When you get your website working like you want could you put a link to it on your blog?

  2. Yea, Yea, go, go. I am trying to be encouraging.