Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Made it to the Front Page

A couple of campers, from earlier in the summer, came over today to have a fiber day.  They decided they wanted to spin for awhile this morning.   At lunch, one of them asked if they could do some dyeing with plants.  We decided to dye with Queen Anne's Lace.

Then of course we spent the rest of the day with the dyeing jokes.  "We are practicing dying (dyeing)", we love too dye,  etc.  When we googled dyeing with Queen Anne's Lace,  guess what we found on page 1?  An entry from 6 Sheep and a Llama, right there on the first page with 195,000 entries.  Amazing.

 The morning started out cool, (hot chocolate for morning snack) but half way into picking the Queen Anne's Lace,  in the afternoon, I heard across the yard, "are there any growing in the shade?"  The sun got quite warm but we managed to stay comfortable moving around and about.

The girls spun some yarn from some  white fleece. Then we put our Queen Anne's Lace in a pot and boiled it for a while.  We strained it and put the home spun yarn in the dye bath.

 The yarn came out a beautiful light shade of yellow.

We added some rhubarb leaves to get the next yarn a little more orangy but we ran out of time and let it be a slightly different shade of yellow.

What a great day.  I love fiber camp.  It is much more fun than registering with eVA and working on the website and marketing in general.  If I can make it to page 1, I should be able to have a marketing department, shouldn't I?

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  1. Page one!! Terrific. Looks like you are having fun.