Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time for a Family Meeting

The sheep keep peeing in the barn and making it wet.  I put a fan in the barn to cool the sheep and dry out the barn and someone stepped on it and bent the plastic grill in.  Today, as I drove out the driveway, like I always do, the sheep freaked out and ran in different directions tearing down the electric fence in several places.  I had to go up in my "town clothes" to temporarily fix the fence.  Later, I went up briefly, to show the sheep the new gate, since it was time to rotate again.  I told Charlotte not to put her foot on me and get my good pants dirty, but she did.  We need a family meeting.

But mostly we need a family meeting to hear the sheep's complaints and comments.  The things I have been reading about sheep lately (actually all animals) is very interesting and I want to check in and ask the sheep what they can tell me.

I want to find out what stresses the sheep who reside here, since knowing that will keep them healthier than anything else I can do.  I have been reading how animals take on our stress and physical ailments to relieve us or at least to dilute the problem.  Very interesting indeed-- I need to read more.

On another note, I got my new McMaster slide (a slide for a microscope not a playground).  At $60, you should be able to do more than look at parasite eggs but, oh well, it should be fun.  Now I just have to find a microscope to use.  I have our extension agent looking into it and also I asked at the middle school where I am part of the after school program.  That should give me some perks.  Should hear soon.  When I am able to do fecal egg counts, I will be able to better monitor how affective my parasite treatment is scientifically, instead of wondering if it is effective and waiting to see.

There are other indicators of general and specific health, of course.  FAMACHA, body language, general movement, and soon to be, Family meetings.


  1. I have a book for you to read. A book for pleasure. It has nothing to do with this blog entry except the author raises sheep and I think you'll find it entertaining.

  2. You can find some pretty cheap microscopes on EBay.