Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacations are Good

Don't get into trouble, don't eat too much green, don't eat to fast, don't poop in the barn, and have fun.  Why do we dwell on the negative?  No wonder the the newspapers have bad news on the front page and get around to the good stuff around page 12.

I am on my way to New England on the train.  Going to be away from John and the farm for five days.  Yesterday, I was taking care of a few things before I left and the sheep added a few more to the list.  It was time to rotate to a new area and I forgot I hadn't put cages around the two young pin oaks I planted a few weeks ago.  Norma Jean reminded me, immediately.  A few hours later, when the sheep were behind the garage/barn, I was doing something and then I heard all the sheep going out the red gate, which I had neglected to latch, and saw them running toward the house.  Next, I heard John yelling from his tractor, "get away from the peach tree, don't eat the peaches".  I grabbed some grain and got their attention, and John herded them back with the tractor.

Time to look at a different side of life for a few days.  I am glad John loves the sheep and chickens and will be there to make sure they have minerals, open and close gates and doors, and collect eggs.  I took care of all the things I could but some things are day to day.  It will be better when I put down the new floor in the barn.

Hopefully, the week after I get back the excavation on our cost share farm project will begin.  I am so excited.  Things will be easier all around.  What will I do with my new free time- HA HA?
It is nice to think about the good things our taxes pay for, like fences and watering systems.  It doesn't all go to fighting wars.

Friends, family, the ocean, New England clam chowder (the real stuff), and the salt air.  That will be my focus for the next few days.  Vacations are good.

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  1. Ahhh, a vacation. That sounds like a good one. Have fun. Are you putting a floor in the sheep barn?