Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

The sermon at church today reminded us to think about what it was that our mothers gave us growing up. What gifts?  What immediately came to mind for me, was that my mother encouraged me to be an independent person.  What is funny is that when I became that independent individual she didn't like who I had become.  I think she grew to accept who I had become and was O.K. with it in the end.

It is also because of her that I am accepting of all people ( she wasn't).  Well, at least not when I was living at home.  She did become more accepting in her later years, I believe.   Anyway, I believe it is what our mothers do and don't do or did and didn't do, that  shapes who we are and who we become.  And that is no matter if we are a sheep, a llama, a chicken,  dog, cat, camel, human, or any animal I suppose.

Give thanks to all moms on Mother's Day and don't forget when you wake up in the morning.

"Happy Mother's Day" all moms out there.  And that includes Mother Nature and all who mother in anyway.

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