Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Country Music

From a distance they sound like a car alarm going off and up close they sound like a rain stick.  My neighbor across the field,  just had her baby girl last week and when we went over to oooh and aaah we were talking about the arrival of the cicadas.  She liked the sound but John says they sound like an alarm. At her house they are closer and actually all over her bushes.  Here, they have just arrived, and I must say I like the rain stick better than the alarm but I don't know if I like the idea of them being all over the place and eating young fruit trees.

I have heard that this year the 17 year cicadas coincide with the 13 year cicadas so I guess we are in for a lot of Country Music.  Hopefully we can change the station in a few weeks- they are apparently not long lived.

They closed the local schools early today and this morning they had a 1 hour delay to begin school.  Not much school learning happened this day. The one hour delay was due to poor road conditions after so much rain yesterday and the early close was because they predicted high winds and heavy rains for this afternoon.  Don't know the official measure but I can tell you the sheep feed bowls have over 4"s of rain in them.  The degree of wetness has changed dramatically.  I wouldn't mind if we didn't get what they predicted for this afternoon/evening.

The thunder last night added to the country music and I like music but sometimes I like to just listen to the quiet or the peepers and the crickets.

The sheep don't like thunder, or at least they run for the barn. They haven't told me what they think of the cicadas or the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof.  The chickens are much closer to their roof but they sleep soundly.  Actually, maybe that is why one of the hens moved out- maybe she is a light sleeper.

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  1. Today I was at a friend's and I heard a low whining (like and alarm) and a high ringing (like a rain stick). I wonder which sound goes with the 17 year cicadas and which goes to the 13 year ones.