Friday, May 4, 2012

Rotational Grazing

The rotation is underway and today I read that "it is a misconception that pasture rotation will help with parasite control".

The article did go on to say that if each area was big enough it would help, but it said most people put the animals in a small area and then the animal are more likely to ingest parasites.  Tuesday, May 2nd, I moved the sheep to the lower upper pasture where the grass looked great and there is plenty of it.  I think the cycle is 21 days.  It was 18 days ago that they moved to the upper upper.

I finally did enough research to make a decision about what to do about the barnyard.  The grass is long and lush but I am going to cut it short and rake it every couple of days.  The best way to kill parasites is for them to be exposed to the hot sun and we have plenty of that here so that is what we will do.  Also, one article said, if you get the manure up before it sits for three days the parasites won't be at a stage that they can transfer to the grass.  I also have a few more ideas like spraying manure areas with hot pepper juice.  Eventually, I will have a very good plan.

 When I went to get the mower to mow the barnyard some green stuff was leaking out of it so I decided I would wait till John gets back (today hooray!)  It wasn't there yesterday- I wonder what I did mowing today (no loud noises).

We were approved for a cost share project with the Commonwealth of Virginia so soon we will have real fencing at the bottom of the lower pasture.  And we will have a permanent self filling water trough!  Yay the end of dragging hoses up hill both ways.  I asked one of my sheep friends if they get a lot of algae in the summer and she said she puts gold fish in hers.  O. K. goldfish that sounds good.

Tomorrow and Sunday is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that I go to every year but I may not make it this year.  Maybe I will get up at 5 A.M. Sunday and drive up --Maybe not.

John is back, the mower is O.K., and tomorrow I can do a major clean up before the next rain comes.


  1. I've always heard it recommended to rotate both your crops and your livestock. It seems commonsensical! Overgrazing, parasite control, not to mention the thrill it gives livestock to go someplace new.... If you put goldfish in your trough please post a picture. :O)

    1. Thanks for your comment. You would think it would be a thrill to go someplace new, and sometimes it is, BUT now that John mowed the barnyard, that is their new favorite place. I think this rotational thing is going to take awhile.