Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Weather Outside- Frightful or Delightful

Its been really cold the last couple of days. Cold so that the water in rain barrels isn't available except for an hour sometime in the afternoon but if you aren't there then, forget it, you have to haul water from the house. But I can't complain, I have only had to haul water 3 times so far this winter.

The animals certainly aren't complaining about the weather. They have a warmish barn (at least they have soft straw to lay in) and they lay out on the hard ground dusted with snow. Beau, sometimes hangs out in the barn and John says, "he's no dummy", but last night he wasn't around. He didn't even come down when I put hay out. It makes me wonder what was more important - he is a guard llama, after all, and he has to watch the whole perimeter. On moon lit nights, some times we can see him laying in the middle of the pasture but last night was dark and cold.

The new year has arrived and I feel really good about new possibilities. On New Years day I was reminded by someone that it makes an important difference whether you talk about goals and plans or write them down. Therefore, I am going to make a conscious effort to write down my 2012 plans, for the farm in particular.

I am going to expand on the Cabin Spring Farm website. I will be planning 4 major farm events for the year-- 2 in the Spring, 1 the end of the summer, 1 for the Fall, and maybe a 5th for next winter. Also, farm tours, more fiber adventures, more fiber camps, and hopefully a want- to- be farmer visitor who wants to learn about farming via helping me on some special projects, as well as helping with standard chores. Where is this guy (or gal)?

I received a card, today, from a good friend who was complaining about no cold and no snow. She lives in northern Wisconsin, where the season people look forward to, is Winter. I think I am glad tomorrow is going to be warmer and hopefully sunnier so I can sit in the sun and make more plans.

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  1. To heck with those Wisconsin folks. I am loving my mild winter (so far) here in Chicago.