Monday, January 23, 2012


Raining again and the mud keeps getting deeper. It is especially bad in front of the hay feeders and by the gate; probably 2" plus.

I just came in from putting out more hay. The sheep were up by the barn and Beau was in his new favorite spot in the shelter behind the garage/barn. It was SO muddy I considered feeding the sheep up at the barn in the wall hay feeders and big round bucket but then I thought about how that is more crowded and everyone gets hay all over them and it is harder for me to do, so I put it in the hay feeders by the fence where the mud is 2" deep.

Beau went to get hay and I closed the gate which meant he couldn't go back to his favorite spot tonight. On the way back up to the house I felt bad because I thought about how it is probably wet in parts of the barn again, though I did clean up and put down more new straw a couple of days ago. But Beau really likes the new spot. The problem is, for some reason I feel like the area behind the garage/barn isn't as secure. And with him in one area and the sheep in the other I don't feel like he can be as tuned in to two spots. But on the other hand, he is in what I feel is the more vulnerable area so nothing will get by him.

Also, as I was leaving the barnyard, Beau was looking for a special treat. (but he almost always is) I didn't give him a treat because he gets way more than the sheep and then I feel guilty about that. AND Beau needs his hooves trimmed and I can't do it. I have been meaning to call the vet and ask for someone to come out but don't know if I can make an appointment for the day after the next time we have 3 days in a row without rain.

I keep telling myself that they are farm animals and if they lay on hard cold ground when soft warm dry straw is available they are not suffering with a little rain and MUD.

Back at the house, after the long guilt ridden trek, John greets me with "how are the kids" and I proceed to spill out all my feelings of guilt. He listens and then says they are all fine when Beau is in his special area. I then feel guilty again and say I should go down and open the gate again and John says, "tomorrow". Somehow, that one little word makes the guilt dissolve and I begin to relax for the evening.

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