Monday, January 16, 2012

A Fine Day with Family

One of my brothers came for a spontaneous visit yesterday and brought 2 of my great nieces along, one 7 and the other 3.

This morning it was 18 degrees and I didn't get up until 8:00 because I was dreaming and planning at 2 A.M. again. When I got up the older niece was fully dressed and on the way out the door to go with John to let the chickens out. She was hauling 2 buckets of water. They let the chickens out, gave water and hay to the sheep and Beau, and realized there was no chicken feed in the barn because we ran out yesterday. John knew I had gotten new so K. pushed the wheelbarrow up to the van and John put the new bag in. Then K. pushed the wheelbarrow with 50 lbs. of chicken feed all the way back down to the garage/barn and gave the chickens some food.
When they came back up we decided to have eggs for breakfast and only had 4 at the house. When I said I would go down and check at the barn K. wanted to do it alone. We went together because the chickens are still laying in the closet in the barn and I didn't think she could do the ring latch. She could do it, did it, and wished there was more to do. On the way back up to the house, the 3rd time for K., she asked if she could mow the lawn.

She didn't want to leave when the time came. She wanted to stay at least for another night so she could feed the animals.

K. also learned to knit while she was here. She picked it up very quickly. Now she just has to learn to arrange the work at the end of each row before she starts the new stitches. Her sister S. plays and sings sweet little songs all day. She kind of latched onto John. They both did, actually.

I had a birthday massage scheduled for today that I didn't want to cancel so I left the girls to the guys and went on my merry way. What a fine day indeed.

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  1. The great thing is it will be a memory that at least the 7 year old will carry forever. Might even turn her into a farmer someday.