Thursday, November 17, 2011

Powering and Showering People

After many delightful nights with the temperature above freezing, the temperature has suddenly plummeted. John called me to ask me to disconnect the hoses on the outdoor shower. I am glad he called because I would not have thought of it and we just replaced the hoses from the last time they froze and blew out.

The animals have water buckets that plug in, to keep the water from freezing. I wish there was some way we could plug in the pipes and hoses to keep the water in them from freezing. Maybe there is a way but I imagine it would be very expensive. If there is a way, though, that is what I want for Christmas. I really love taking showers outside but I am lazy and don't like turning the water off and disconnecting and reconnecting hoses. Also, it is hard to remember to do it.

Thinking about all of this, reminds me that I want to get in touch with a local guy who is involved with the group Powering People. They are an alternative energy group I want to consult about solar hot water for washing fleeces and felting wool. Think I will shoot an email off tonight.

Maybe there is a way this all fits together.

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