Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looking for a Bit in a Straw Pile

Yesterday, I experienced intimately, the old adage looking for a needle in a hay stack only I was looking for a screw bit in some straw. It all started out with me making some minor changes to the chicken coop. I put in an additional roost because the new hen that brown 1, 2, and 3 harass all the time was sleeping on top of or in the nesting box area. Last night, the 2 lowest in the pecking order, slept in the middle nesting box together instead of on the new roost. None of them were on it. I hope they try it out soon.

I also replaced a screw in the door latch and I didn't know what sized screw bit I needed so John gave me a few in a small plastic box. Unfortunately, the box was open, when I knocked it over and everything spilled. The floor of the coop is slatted, so I didn't know if they stayed in the coop or fell through. I found one bit and a screw fairly easily but was still missing one or two, many minutes later.

I decided to try to find them with John's big magnet using it both in the coop and under it where some of the straw falls through. The chickens like to scratch around under the coop and when I came with the magnet one hen was doing just that. After a considerable time, I was unsuccessful in finding the bit, but the picture above shows all the stuff I did find (mostly bits of old tools and fencing).

At least I am glad I found all this stuff so the animals won't step on it.

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  1. I see the bit, right there, on the bottom left. Can't you see it?

    Are you getting eggs? I'm hardly getting any.