Monday, November 14, 2011

Nibbling While We Weed

I was doing a pretty good job of weeding the dyeing garden but it was going slowly so

Amelia decided to come help. She had been watching me so she knew where to go and what to do.
She did a pretty good job. Some of the others helped too. They wanted to thank me for letting them come up to graze by the house. They do keep moving and the yard seems pretty even-- maybe John will let them do some of the lawn maintenance in the spring if they promise not to eat the fruit trees.

It was 74 degrees today. I wonder if the grass grows when you have a few days around 70 degrees or if it takes a long stretch. So far the sheep have eaten very little of the new hay. I hope the weather holds up a little longer. The great thing about the sheep grazing the dyeing garden is that there is a good supply of a highly nutritious lemon flavored weed I forget the name of. I keep saying I am going to put some in my salads but then I forget. I do nibble when I am weeding though.

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