Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Much to Write About

Rosemary came to visit last Friday and we have been going every minute trying to fit everything into the short 4 days we will be together. By fit everything in I mean all the things we want to share with each other. Rosemary is a BIG TIME fiber enthusiast and fiber artist. This visit she brought several of her felt dolls she has been creating. They are amazing! They look like people I know.

Rosemary left yesterday and today I had my second after school puppet class. I have 5 great middle school students and a mentor helper that is a senior in high school. In the class the students will learn to felt, knit, and weave and use all three to create a puppet. So far they have made a piece of sheet felting, learned to wet felt something round or oval for a head, and some have started the knitting because they have chosen to knit their puppet's body. It is all very exciting- they have remembered to bring things back to class and have written plans. Much different than the elementary kids I have been working with earlier this fall. I just have to keep them busy and I have to stay organized.

Mary has had bottle jaw as a result of having parasites but is much better. Rosemary and I were talking to a friend of mine yesterday, about how we have medical issues to bring us back to our path of healing studies. Sometimes, it is our children or our animals that put us back on the path. I have been giving Mary numerous different treatments and remedies and nutritional support. It has all been good research for the book but I better take time to make sure everything is recorded in the book I keep for the animals so that nothing is forgotten. Today, I gave them all some nutritional yeast. I keep it in the refrigerator for me but I really don't like it and forget to put it in things where I won't notice it. It blends beautifully in the grain I give them for treats.

I look forward to a quiet tomorrow to do some catching up but I enjoyed every moment with Rosemary.

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