Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy but Rewarding

Another busy day at Cabin Spring Farm and MRMS.

I started off the day making sure I had all the fleece my fiber students needed for today. Washed some black alpaca and checked on some fleece I dyed last night after spending 5 hours climbing and descending Jump Mountain. Had a meeting in town, then came back and let the animals out, dumped manure buckets, cleaned the barn, put out fresh minerals, also fresh water. When the animals went back I moved up to the house and weed wacked inside the arbor by the dyeing garden, practiced left handed knitting and double knitting right handed, talked to my neighbor who will be taking care of the animals while we are away for a couple of days, and packed up the van with all the stuff we needed for today's puppet making.

Then, I picked up a friend to check out the class. She has agreed to fill in for me the one day I will miss while away. Puppet making went well again today. I am so proud of my fiber students. They are so enthusiastic and creative.

Home again, I flopped on the front porch and rested, before planning how I could best meet the future material needs of the puppet makers. They give me requests at the end of each session, but don't know their yarn needs yet. Tomorrow, I need to spin several skeins of yarn to later be dyed.

Yes, I am a very busy person, but I love what I do and I am very thankful for the energy to do it all. I look forward to my respite and time spent with family and then I should be ready to come home and be rewarded again.

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  1. You must be sleeping better to have enough energy to do all this. It made me tired just reading about it. I'm glad you're enjoying your classes at the school.