Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Could Today be any Better?

Tromping in my boots through wet leaves, watching soggy sheep browse for favorite fall foods, feeling the warm October sun between showers, and listening to the wind and leaves- how could today be any better?

Beau, Gretta, and Charlotte like the oak leaves when they can find a limb low enough. Beau eats some leaves off the ground. Amelia likes purple aster flowers. Gretta likes anything in out-of-the-way places. The forsythia bush is well pruned by all.

Washing more fleece today even though it is not really a drying day. Just trying to keep up with some of it. Need to do more Finn for masks. Soon I want to do a wood fire- big kettle batch.

Starting to get responses for the Halloween felt mask making workshop the 29th. Should be loads of fun. Think I will do a mask this evening to try a new method.

Lunch is over, time to get back to "work?" I was tell John this morning, too bad we have to eat and wear clothes. He agreed that then we would have more time to do the important things we want to do. The sheep and Beau don't have to wash their clothes (the rain does it) and if they didn't have to eat, what would they do all day. Meditate I suppose.

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