Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Six Years Ago Today

Seems like much longer. I feel like it was a life time ago.

A quiet day here on the farm. Dug out yet another wheelbarrow full of thistle plants in the small pasture. I can't wait until all the weeds die off again for this year. Next year may be the year of the goats. I wonder if I took a sampling of the weeds I have here down to Karen's goats and offered them if that would be a good indication of what goats would eat or would they not like them if they were not fresh? It would be easier than bringing goats here for a trial, I think.

Sheep do browse trees and shrubs, especially this time of year but who eats the hefty woody weeds? Do goats eat thistle? Sheep eat rose bushes and berry canes but not thistles.

Coming to the top of the priority list, is biodynamic treatment of the pasture and then fencing the animals off of part of it to let it recover. Plenty of great grass for short term grazing while I am here but the secure pasture is very short and sparse in many areas. It is time to act! Tomorrow I will go to the farmers co op and see what the options are for posts for fence wire. Pictures soon.

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  1. Six years passes by so quickly, doesn't it? It does seem like a lifetime ago. Thinking of you with love and hugs.