Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Rain got out of Rhythm

I guess it is my fault that it hasn't rained in awhile--probably since my blog about how the rain was in sinc with my needs and plans. So today, John made a new stand for a 2nd rain barrel and I installed it. Now I have two rain barrels and no rain to fill them.

Guess I will drag the hose up but I never know how much water to put in because I don't know when the next rain will come and I don't want them to overflow. The one I have had for awhile isn't too much of a problem if it overflows but the new one is by the corner where the rain goes in and gets the barn wet.

I am hoping this new set up will help with that issue and I decided to use sand bags to divert water coming down the slope to the barn. I talked to the lady at the place that sells stone and sand and she is out of sand bags but is getting more. She said I should come there and fill the bags and put them on the truck instead of shoveling twice. Sounds good to me.

It has been so hot several days in the past couple of weeks. Too hot to shovel sand into sand bags and too hot to work in the barnyard except in the morning and evening. I was going to say, at least it cools down every night, but I don't think I will.

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