Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Kirby Kid Visit

When you live out in the country you rarely have anyone come up the driveway except neighbors and the UPS guy. One day there was a young woman who's car broke down up the road. Today, a young vacuum cleaner salesman came up.

He gave me a rubber duck and asked me if he could clean my house. He said I didn't have to buy a vacuum cleaner he just needed to do 3 demonstrations a day. When I was in college I had a summer job going house to house trying to sell home improvement so I said yes. Besides, how could I turn down someone wanting to clean my house.

I told him I had no carpets just one rug so he vacuumed that and it never looked as good as it does now. Not good enough to buy a $2000.00+ Kirby though.

One guy takes three salesmen out and drops them one at a time at homes that agree to a demonstration. He keeps track of where he leaves them and goes back to pick them up when they call to say they are done. When the kid that came to my house called to get picked up, his boss said it would be a few minutes cause another guy was doing paper work. The kid didn't want to keep me from what I was doing SO we went outside and he helped me fill sand bags that I picked up today to divert the rain that goes into the barn when it rains hard.

I had tried to solicit help from a former client this morning to fill sand bags but she was baby sitting the whole day and so I thought it was going to be just me. I LOVE THE WAY GOD SENDS HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT> I AM ALWAYS AMUSED TO SEE HOW THINGS WORK OUT> COME ON _ A vACUUM SALESMAN?


I gave up trying to get this sent out last night so here it is this morning. Oh, by the way, they told me my neighbor (the one whose drum carder I use) bought a vacuum. I should have said, "great, now I can borrow her's" . We borrow lots of things in the country (tractors, drum carders, spinning wheels, cross-country skis, canning pots, maple syrup evaporators .... why not a Kirby vacuum.

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