Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chicken Troubles

AnotHEr white chicken is missing but this time there were some feathers. It is unsettling not to KNOW WHO CAME AFTER HER> FROM THE FEATHERS IT LOOKS LIKE SHE WENT THROUGH THE FENCE TWICE - once on the west side of the pasture behind the garage/barn and once on the south side. The most feathers were inside the south side fence. No feathers outside the fence really (maybe a couple). What does this mean?

After studying the crime site carfullY, it appears to me that something chased her outside to inside on the west fence and then caught up to her again at the south fence. It seems something either went through the FEnce (6 inch square) or over the fence, or swooped down from above. Not many feathers and no trail leaving the little pasture-- I am thinking hawk.

It is very sad as she was a sweet chicken. Now we are down to 3 chickens all brown. I ran into the guy that put me in touch with the guy who took the rooster. He said the guy really likes the rooster and gave him a few henS OF HIS OWN AND NOW THE ROOSTEr is very happy as well.

Maybe time to get a couple more chickens. Make a note* don't get white ones.

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