Friday, August 27, 2010

Schedule Change

All my life I have noticed the change in schedule that happens the last week in August or the first week in September whether I was in school or not. You think it correlates with going back to school or your kids going back to school but I propose it is more to do with the light or temperature change.

The interesting thing is my sheep and Beau have changed their schedule starting maybe three days ago. O.K. they could have seen the yellow school bus go by this week but I don't think so. I wasn't quite ready to change my schedule yet. I think, for me, it happens the first part of September. Maybe that is because I lived in New England for 33 years and the light and temperature change isn't dramatic yet or maybe I forget when that was or is it just that I am slow to do everything . With Adam going back to school and the animals changing their schedule I suppose it is time for me to come around.

On the new schedule, the sheep and Beau are at the far corners of the pasture when I go down to clean the barn in the morning. They used to come to the gate to greet me. They come in earlier to rest in the barn so I have not figured out what the new time for clicker training is. Then around 5 P.M. when we used to get together again they are out in the pasture again.

It seems like the last couple of days we have hardly spent any time together. But tonight when I went down to close the chicken door (shortly after dark) they all came running down from somewhere and wanted to go out to graze in the adjoining pasture like they used to at 5 P.M. I told them it was too dark and told them to come up to the barn for a treat instead.

I am excited to continue clicker training because Mira is really getting it and I found something Beau especially cares for which might make him more excited about training. I remembered he really liked the peas from the garden and we had so many at one point I froze some. I took a few out and put them in the refrigerator and gave him some this morning without asking him to do anything. He loved them. I will offer more tomorrow and then try to pick up training again if I can figure out the new schedule.

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