Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A 3 Shower Day

We have had many hot days this summer but it almost always cools off at night. Last night it was 80 degrees when I went to bed. It did eventually get down into the 70s but it usually get down in the 60s or 50s. I thought it might be a good idea to start today with a shower.

Most days I start with a shower unless it is cool and I am going to immediately go out and do some farm work and get sweaty. Then I wait until after the dirty work to take a shower. Today seemed like a day that should start with a shower even though I was going to immediately go out and get sweaty.

So today was-- a shower to start the day cool, four hours of sweaty farm work, a shower to wash away the salty sweat and grime, a trip to Karen's, an hour or so of holding goats while Karen trimmed hooves, and later a shower to wash away sweat, grime, goat hair, and goat smell. I always feel sorry for the people Karen and I encounter on our way home from each others homes, especially today, but I needed to make a quick stop at the organic market for a few ingredients for dinner.

Once home and showered, I went up to the barn to make sure the animals had plenty of water. One thing always leads to another at the barn and I could have used another shower to rinse off the chicken and sheep poop I brushed paths with but decided another shower would start to wear away my skin so I rinsed my feet instead.

Karen gave one of her turkeys a shower with the hose while I was there and it seemed to truly enjoy it but Karen said the rest of her animals aren't keen on showers and neither are my sheep or Beau. Beau would rather have a dust bath any day.

I wonder what a dust bath would feel like!


  1. Your t-shirt kind of looked like it had had a dust bath when you left my house.

  2. I suppose my every other day rule wouldn't work at your house.

  3. Are you allowed to do a blog within a blog? A comment does not seem to be enough. It is Saterday night. Saterdays used to be our "go out" night. I got up this morning at 5 something to make final preperations for a breakfast for 20 plus cross country kids at my house. I thought I was really something. Tonight, I am home and I just caught up on all of your blogs. I thought I wanted to go to a movie tonight, this was much better. After reading all of these blogs I have this to say, YOU are the one who is really something. Oh, and by the way, I love you.