Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's That Time of Year

We went away for 6 days.  We were on holiday, as John puts it.  We went to see Beverly and her new house in Charleston.  It was great to see my good friend and we had a lot of fun and got refreshed.

I got so refreshed that our first night back, I forgot I was a farmer and didn't remember to close in the birds and give the sheep some hay until 9 P.M.  At least I remembered before I went to bed.  The next day, I was back into my farming routine and everyone was glad, except Prince.  Prince is testy these days so I had to put my big wings out and remind him I was the Queen Farmer.  Since he had to retreat, he went after the sheep, nipping at their legs.

My first day back was also the day that Sal finally decided to sit on the eggs she has been moving around in her big beautiful nest.  Now we wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the sheep are really wooly.  I haven't told them yet but they are all getting sheared the 15th.  I always struggle with when to have them sheared; the weather is so changeable.  Today they are probably glad they have the fleece; it is cool with strong gusts of chilly wind.  The problem is they get buzz cuts. 

Charlotte gets so much hay in her fleece when she eats.  It is her place at the hay feeder.

Today I spent the day in the fiber shed taking an inventory of the fleece left from last year.  Next week is Spring Break Fiber Camp, maybe we should make some big pillows stuffed with fleece and lavender.  

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