Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Pendulum of Hard Work

"Spring Break Fiber Camp" is over, whew.  The sheep were sheared and connections made at our annual shearing event,  AND Easter was shared with family.  Now a new year is resurrected, as was Jesus.

Rosemary and I had our own sunrise service up on top of Charlie's pasture, which is higher than any here.  You can see miles and miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, the beginning of the Allegheny to the west, and of course Short Hill and House Mountains.  An amazing view and a SPECIAL place.

Now, I am ready to slow down and enjoy life's quieter moments.  There is a lot to get done but no rush to get it done.  There is so much quietude surrounding me today.

 The sheep are rid of a year's worth of wool containing a fair amount of hay and other vegetation and, I am sure, a decent amount of weight and warmth.  They seem to be happy and peaceful as well. They have new pasture (the highest and favorite) to eat, which was saved in a rotation.  The pasture below the driveway is getting long and thick and still a good place to spend some time when I can be on watch.  Today, Rosemary and I sat on the cabin deck and drew, at the picnic table.

Our time to relax and draw was well earned after some heavy lifting earlier in the day.  First, some quite large stumps that were hanging around, were moved to Boxerwood to be used in the "Fairy Forest".  Then we began moving my collection of heavy, large stones to the new steps area that I having been planning for over a year.  Pictures tomorrow.  Sweet.

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