Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sometimes Things Get Done

Yesterday, was a productive day.  I went to Boxerwood for a load of leaf mulch and John and I covered the hugels.  Wow, they look good now.

And then I planted some clover and covered it with straw.  I also raked some stick weed and did a few other things in the barnyard.  Enough to realize that it would not take much time to do the rest of the things I need to do.

Today, I sat at the camp fair with a slideshow and pictures of last summer's fiber camps.   It was fun to put the slideshow together and see the concentration, the camaraderie, the characters.  At the fair, I talked to a few new people but mostly reconnected with parents of repeat campers to give out cards with this year's dates  an talk about how these kids are growing.  It is great to hear the things that the kids say about fiber camp.  And the parents too.  Some of the younger siblings are getting old enough to come and some of the oldsters are ready to be camp councilors.

Tomorrow,  it's back to farm work, rewarded by going out for dinner, another fine week.  


  1. Hi Sue, Yes, your hugels really look big and neat! I'm curious, what was the temperature? I get a burst of energy when the temperature is over 50, please tell me it was over 50 for you and John. It must feel so good to know your Fiber Camp is a success and the kids continue to love it. cathy

  2. I wish this was like Facebook and I could click "like".