Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reciprocity, My Definition

Reciprocity is the act of carrying salamanders across the road on a cold night of the first Spring rains because the sun shines, birds sing, sheep carry heavy wool on their backs, and plants give freely of their berries to all.

God created each addition to this universe with unique and different strengths and talents.  Can you imagine if you had the responsibility of warming all beings, waking up the day, and clothing and feeding all life on this planet.  Talk about stress...  But no, you just have to notice all that is done for you and remember what brings you joy and then go out and do a "little something" that other living beings can notice and be thankful for.

Reciprocity is just about taking what you need from the pool and making sure you are a supplier as well.

When I was caring for our two young daughters I was part of a mother's co-op.  The basic idea was that if you needed someone to watch your kids you could paint a different families walls or make dinner for yet another family in the co-op at a later date.  It was and is all about taking care of the needs of others (like salamanders).  It doesn't matter who does what or if the load is equal, it just matters that all thrive.

So, I have taken "Reciprocity" to be my word for 2017.  To live with on an intimate level.  I am not saying that I don't do for others and so I need to think about this more.  I am saying that awareness and caring for ALL in my every daily step does not come automatically for me.  That is what I want-- for me and all my fellow humans.  The plants and animals seem to have a better understanding of reciprocity but then they have been here for a way longer time.  Maybe we will learn in time.

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  1. Very cool word for the year. Lots to learn and discover. Hope you can include your discoveries frequently in this blog. I will be starting a new blog shortly on my word for the year.