Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breathing with Sal

Finally, after 4 days of volunteer confinement, the chickens and geese spent the day out and about.

It snowed last Friday and the temperature was down to 9 or 11 degrees for a few nights so when I would go down to let the chickens out, in the morning, they wouldn't even consider going out.  The geese would go out but immediately lay down and tuck their feet in.  Then they would wait for me to open the door to the goose run and go right back in.

  Last night it rained and melted most of the snow and the temperature was in the 30s, so today everyone was excited to come out.  There is still good green grass outside the barnyard so I opened the gate for all to have a fine outing.

Usually when the animals are out, I sit in the van and work on something and keep an eye out.  Today, I was working on a quilt/felt project when the geese came over to see what I was doing.  Sal decided to take a little rest with her head turned and tucked just outside the van. She looked SO relaxed and she was  doing some nice deep breathing.  I decided to join her in her breathing for a few minutes and realized we had a similar inhalation, but her exhalation was longer so I matched my breath to hers.  I think it would be nice to match breaths with a cat or a baby as well.  It is a good way to not think about anything else.

It has been a busy few days and life looks to continue that way for another few days with maybe Friday as a quiet day.  I guess I better check in with my breathing coach a few more times.

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