Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dealing with Early MUD

If you don't have a barnyard, I guess we have been having some pretty nice weather the last few days; misty, foggy,  rainy and mild. When I drive into town, everything looks green and fine.

Cabin Spring Farm, on the other hand, is having spring mud in the winter.  The ground is totally saturated and every footprint is a tiny pond.  It takes a lot of focus and extra time to plan your approach to the barn or goose run.

  The extra straw I put down last week and this week, has sunk down int the mud.  Now, I am trying leaves.  The wheelbarrow full I put down yesterday, seems to have dried out a bit, so today I collected  and put down a trailer full.  I will have to put down some more tomorrow because Sunday night into Monday morning could bring another 2".

In other news,  I purled a row in my friend's pink pussy hat.  She went to D.C. this morning on a bus leaving at 5:15, I think it was.  She sent me a link to an article that was about how all the yarn shops in America are out of pink yarn.  After watching the Womens' March on Washington today, I can believe it.  The pink sheep of America will have to be sheared early this year to fill the deficit.

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