Sunday, November 13, 2016

The First Gift - Extended Practice of My Meditation

Standing in the sun, listening  to the sheep eat their morning hay, all is quiet.

The new morning routine is: get the sheep their hay first, put some hay in the goose run, let the chickens out to go eat the grain  I have put out for them, clean the water buckets, and then stand in the morning sun and be thankful.

Yesterday, I realized that there was a better way to distribute the hay between the two hay feeders.  This morning there was less moving of the sheep back and forth and in turn a greater sense of peace.  And then there was a sharp "crack".   The sheep moved away from the hay feeder and looked to one direction.  It happened a few times more, so I said I would go investigate.  It didn't take long to realize that the sharp sound was made by hickory nuts hitting the roof of the tiny house and the tractor lean-to.  The chickens were peacefully eating their grain (they had already figured it out).  As I stood under the exquisite hickory, I watched the leaves fluttering down.  In my new meditative state, I noticed that the greener leaves flutter/fell at a swifter rate than the yellow.  Hickory trees have divided leaves so what was fluttering for the most part were leaflets.  Occasionally a whole leaf would glide to the ground.

I went back to report to the sheep and let the geese out as the sheep had finished their hay.

 Frost on the roof and on the tiny pumpkin on the front porch.  The "just right house" , as Lyndy call it, is scheduled to move this week.  We are all so very excited!

These pictures don't really capture the moment, but I think they catch some of the morning motion.

   Thanks to the geese motivating me to arrange the morning routine differently, I now have a time to more fully practice my meditation. 

I follow Paulo Coelho's blog and here is the latest.  Enjoy.

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