Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crystals and Feathers, Shadows and Light

I'm loving my morning time when all the animals are eating breakfast (in their own places) and I am waiting for the sheep to finish so I can let the geese out.

I looked up to the pastures and this is what I saw-- crystals!

This picture, though altered, is more what my eyes saw.  The scene reminded me of a road trip Rosemary and I took once where we hunted for crystals in Arkansas.
The geese drop feathers everywhere but I never noticed them like I did that morning I took this picture.

Some mornings, the sun is just coming up when I get down to the animals.  Look how long the shadows of these locust trees are.  And check out how the shadows go across the sheep and up the side of the garage/barn.

The sun was reflecting off the ice of the puddle pond 

 and outlining the sheep as they went off to the pasture.  This picture is fun to study from different angles where the background is darkened.

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  1. Sue, please let me make photo cards of this last one! xo